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Easily Sell on Amazon, eBay & other online Marketplaces

Where the rubber meets the road: this partnership accelerates your sales, wins you new customers, saves you time and money, so you will gain momentum in your industry.


Tire Guru customers get $350 off
of this exclusive Solid Commerce offering.


Take Advantage of the Best All-in-One Platform

Sync listings, inventory and orders between Tire Guru & Solid Commerce. Manage multiple marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, Walmart plus more than 30 other channels all from one place.

Solid Commerce Features

Turbocharge your Tire Guru account with Solid Commerce

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Listing Management

Bulk list products on eBay, Amazon, Walmart, your web store plus more than 30 online channels without leaving your account.

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Order Management

Consolidate all your orders in one place with options for sorting, organizing, and fulfilling your orders. Search by order status, buyer name, SKU, UPC, marketplace, warehouse/vendor, and more.

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Centralized Inventory

Our Centralized Inventory Management software acts as a central hub for all of your web stores and marketplaces. It monitors inventory changes as orders come in and when products get restocked across different warehouse or physical retail stores.

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Multi-Carrier Shipping Support

Easily print shipping labels, pick & pack orders, and packing slips with FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, and others. Send tracking information back to the marketplaces and more.

Centralize, Streamline, and Automate Your E-commerce

"Solid Commerce is very powerful software with many great features. I used Solid Commerce to connect to 7 different suppliers of my products and they automated everything from inventory control to routing of orders." Brian Lew of CDS Shoes & More

Don't Waste Time on Data Entry.

Use our proprietary tire data library to auto-populate details about your inventory across multiple platforms. Solid Commerce has an expansive index of thousands of tires that include professional photos to help your listings stand out. Spend more time marketing and less time dealing with data administration.

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